Ferrari Finali Mondiali 2018 Monza Day 4-Sunday Show Featuring 4X F60,488 GTE EVO,488 GT3 EVO & More

The last day of the Ferrari Finali Mondiali saw the last races of the year at the Autodromo (that you'll in another video) and the classic show at the end of the day. Ferrari started with a little demo laps of four 488 GTB,then it was the moment of other four F60 F1 that raced in 2009 and driven by Marc Gene,Giancarlo Fisichella,Davide Rigon and Andrea Bertolini. After that the two Ferrari 488 GTE EVO that race in the WEC and the two 488 GT3 EVO that won GT Open and PWC hit the track with some demo laps. Then it was the time for the F1 clienti and XX pogramme cars and at the end for the mega photo also the new Monza SP1 and SP2 saw the track for the first time. See you soon with other videos of this event!!