HillClimb Monsters

10.000Rpm Ford Escort Mk2 Cosworth || 308Hp/790Kg Monster On The Limit !!

This is Christopher Neumayr´s Ford Escort Mk2 NPM-IRS 16v ( catchy name isn´t it? ) and not only it has quite the ballsy driver behind its wheel, but it is also a pretty extreme weapon. To comply with E1-2000 regulations it is using a Naturally Aspirated version of the Cosworth YB engine but tuned up to 308Hp/10.000Rpm. Although binary isn´t all that high with its max being 254Nm, truth is that it also doesn´t have to carry a whole lot. With only 790Kg of weight this is one serious machine that needs all the help to keep its wheels grounded (although some sliding is bound to happen as you saw on the video.. ) so a lot of effort has gone into the aerodynamic development of this Monster. Final result could be described as something akin to the bastard child of a Classic Escort and a modern DTM racer. And for all the downforce available, suspension should be able to sustain the increased pressures. And on that, it was Mr. Neumayr himself coming up with some bespoke solutions. Stopped now since the end of the 2017 Season, this Monster is set to comeback now on 2019 in an even more evolved Spec which may entail some big surprises. Whichever they may be, the speed and spectacular driving style of Mr. Neumayr will surely make it worthwhile for a new feature on our Tribe. For now let´s enjoy how great it already was.